I started growing a significant interest in the beauty industry at the very young age of 12. Even then, I knew a big part of my life contribution would be dedicated to making women feel beautiful. As I began creating my own lane as a well-respected hairstylist, I grew more interested in the fashion world. As a young teen, I would always love to find interesting jewelry pieces to wear with my outfits, most especially earrings. I loved to do my own hair in wild, and creative hairstyles, and I would have so much fun picking the perfect earrings to pair with my hair. One of my favorite things to tell my clients, after slaying their hair would be, "girl, now all you need is some earrings!" 


This is one of my favorite quotes said anonymously. I believe this is true. Have you ever seen what a nice piece of jewelry can do for an outfit? Or for your self-esteem? Have you ever walked out of the house forgetting to put on your earrings, and just felt a bit incomplete? Girl, I know I have! Realizing how important the part of jewelry and accessories plays in everyday life since the beginning of time, even in ancient history, I toggled back and forth with the idea of creating my very own business selling beautiful, creative jewelry pieces. After about a year and a half, here I am! I wanted to be able to merge the two things I've loved for so long, so I decided to bring my hair skills, and a keen eye for beautiful accessory pieces together to create this business. I do all of the models' hair myself. I also hand select and create my own pieces. 


I want women to know that no matter what the occasion or outfit, Reine Monet is here to provide them with an amazing variety of creatively beautiful accessory pieces that is sure to bring them many compliments! Reine means Queen in the french language. I believe we all deserve to feel like a Queen in our lifetime. You are Royal. You are extravagant. You are beautiful... Your jewelry should be too!

I am known as a Hairstylist in the city of Austin,Tx which is where I was born and raised.

I am offering something that I believe is so important to the world of fashion, beauty, as well as self-expression.

"Accessories are like vitamins to fashion."

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Yves Monet